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Front Office

Streamline your hotel operations

An all-in-one platform, designed to meet your specific needs

This feature has been designed to keep up with the technology and needs for every hotel industry that continues to evolve to be able to provide you with consistency with a system that integrates seamlessly.

Simplified Access & Management

With Cloud support, you only need to access and manage your inventory once and everything is integrated automatically. You can avoid overbooking and keep in-sync with the latest update all the time.

Intuitive Dashboard

Organize, perform, control, and manage your day-to-day tasks effectively from just one simple dashboard to get a clear picture of your hotel occupancy status completely.

Detailed Reports

This feature allows you to gain meaningful insights, increase visibility, and help you to take action-oriented decisions. Easily print, download, or convert your reports into PDF, HTML, and Excel formats and get a pictorial representation of your hotel status.

Point of Sale (POS)

Simplified POS

User-defined Hotel POS System

Cheerze Connect Hotel POS help you track every transaction, so you will not miss anything, and you will be able to generate various types of outlets, such as fine dining, room service, and fast food. By using this feature, you will get unlimited service and deliver performance-oriented results.

Built-in Features and Reports

All built-in features are well-integrated with the Front Office to run the entire operation efficiently.


Enjoy optimal flexibility to access and manage POS from your own-preferred devices and experience the touch screen interface feature to provide a comfortable and easy to use user experience.

Mobile App

Stay informed on the go

Manage Tasks Efficiently

Mobile App, you can easily manage operations, room reservations, and view inventory & status remotely.

24/7 Access

You will stay connected wherever you are and whenever you want. Get updated information easily and monitor everything remotely without having to hamper your business or leisure trips.

Make Informed Decisions

Get real-time reports on your phone, tablet, and many more anywhere and anytime. Comprehensive & in-depts analytical reports help you to make wiser and more informed decisions.

Booking Engine

Drive more commission-free booking.

Sell more rooms directly from your website

Optimize Booking Engine feature to increase your direct booking rates and hotel revenue through your hotel website and Facebook page.

Frictionless Experience

With Booking Engine, all its integrated systems & channels can provide a seamless and smoother experience and convenience for you even when you do it on other platforms and keeps you in-sync.

Captivate your audience

Booking Engine simplifies your entire guest booking process. Send email notifications to your guests during reservation, check-in, check-out, and make a positive and attractive impressions on your guests by providing special promos.

Channel Manager

Redefine your inventory distribution.

One-Stop Solution

Set up all your inventory management processes across distributions more effectively and in just minutes. Channel Manager, the optimal solution for your business.

Expand your Horizon

Channel Manager can increase your inventory visibility and reach wider range of customers and generate more room booking effectively.

Management now becomes easier

Experience instant and automated bulk updates of inventory levels and availability across distribution channels. Manage your inventory in a centralized console and save your time.

Make wiser decisions

In-depts reports can help you determine the best room rate and add stop-sell limits. Track each of your channel’s performances and evaluate them to determine the best for you.


Provides easy access and keeps it available for 24/7.

House Keeping

Welcome guests with tidy rooms at any time.

Track room status easily

With Cheerze Connect Housekeeping, in-sync with Front office will make an ease for you and your staff to know, monitor, and track the latest room updated at any time.

Manage your staff and operations effectively

The Cheerze Connect Housekeeping feature helps you effectively monitor and manage your housekeeping and staff activities, as well as track your staff activity from just 1 simple screen.

Assign tasks effortlessly

Implement effective staff allocation. Staff can view assigned activities, perform tasks, and update their job status in just a single console.

Update room status at real-time

Real-time room update feature. Staff can provide the latest status in terms of your hotel room. Thus, this feature ensures to avoid over-booking or double-booking.

Understand guests better

Housekeeping feature allows you and your staff to collect, track, and escalate guest reviews, complaints, or requests. It helps you and your staff to understand the needs of your guests and gain complete visibility into the pros & cons of your overall operation.

Material Management

Ensure healthy bottom line with material management

Built to simplify your material management

Material management is the key to increasing cost efficiency and Cheerze Connect can help you achieve your objectives. This feature allows you to monitor, maintain stock, and meet the demand of your hotel better and on time.

Stay informed about your hotel’s stocks

Get a comprehensive understanding of your hotel stock with an informative dashboard. Monitor expiry stock, ROL (Reorder Level), pending POS and many more from just a single dashboard.

Keep everyone in-sync

Cheerze Connect keeps concerned people to stay connected and ensure all items needed are provided at the right price to avoid misconceptions both for PO approvals and other material issues.

Avoid other improper activities

Transparency feature will minimize any malpractice, all kinds of operations are properly tracked and evaluated in a timely manner with material management.

Save a significant cost on purchase

Analyse the amount spent on each item by comparing your current billing rate with the last GRN (Goods Receipt Note) rate. You can easily find out the best price for each item you buy.

Data-driven decision

Analyse your business performance and more with extensive, insightful reports so you can make meaningful decisions and optimize costs effectively.

Banquet Management

Do it like a pro with Cheerze Connects Banquet Management.

Manage better

Know your banquet status briefly with a colourful and comprehensive dashboard and stay prepared for upcoming events with timely reminders.

Perform each task with ease

Cheerze Connect Banquet management equips your staff to perform every operation effectively, from booking a banquet hall or making changes to event plans and everything will just a few clicks.

A host of features right in front of you!

Cheerze Connect provide tons of options that can help your streamline your banquet operations and ensure you do everything seamlessly with no hassles at all.

Make smart decisions

Intelligent and insightful reports can provide you with detailed information about your guests, their needs, changing market demands, and many more to help you make informed decisions for your overall business performance.

Bar Stock

An automated tool to manage your Bar Stock!

Simple, yet effective

Cheerze Connect Bar Stock can help you manage your end-to-end operations more effectively than ever before.

Easy operations

Simply your daily processes and always get the latest status on your stock. Track every item transaction, add new items, and make positive/negative adjustments to existing stock.

Create cocktails that sell

This feature allows you to track each measurement of your items and combine them easily and accurately.

Fully integrated

Bar Stock integrates well with other operational features such as Materials and POS, which can help you update items received from your internal department and ensure every billing runs smoothly.

User-friendly reports

With easy-to-use reports, you can gain an in-depts understanding of your bar & stock transactions. Apart from that, this report also provides you with the necessary insights to assist and manage your stock at an optimal level.

Central Reservation System

A centralized booking portal for hotel chains.

Single booking platform for hotel groups

Get a combined view of all your properties and room details from one platform. Central Reservation System can help you handle room reservations for several properties over the web. Integrated with your property’s Front Office, staff can easily check details of room availability and make reservations at any time.

  • Centralized management

The unified dashboard capable of giving you a real-time view of bookings from all sources. Staff will be able to manage reservations and change room rates across your hotel properties from centralized hub, saving you significant time and money. As an administrator, you can manage your staff and restrict user access based on your staff roles.

Interactive reports

Interactive reports can give you a complete picture of the status of your property, you can view them in detail and export them to your preferred formats. It helps you to gain deep insights of your hotel properties and every detail that will support your decision-making process.

Account Receivables

A smart tool to manage your account receivables process

Hassle-free account receivables process

Cheerze Connect offers an automated and centralized interface to help you store, track, and collect payments from guests who availed your services on credit

Completely integrated

This feature is fully integrated with Front Office, POS, and Banquet. Once the account receivable processes have been completed, the system will automatically update all credit bills that must be paid by the guest/travel agent. You will not never have to miss out on anything.

Completely integrated

This feature is fully integrated with Front Office, POS, and Banquet. Once the account receivable processes have been completed, the system will automatically update all credit bills that must be paid by the guest/travel agent. You will not never have to miss out on anything.


Account receivable feature provides a very broad and complete reporting option, it can provide insight into your payment collection process, thus it will encourage you to take appropriate actions according to your needs to achieve certain goals.

Food Costing

Maximize your profit margin

Improve your bottom line

Know when to change or modify the price of your food, but still get optimal profits with Cheerze Connect Food Costing feature. This feature helps you ensure your food prices are always up-to-date and the ingredient prices are in line with the current market.

Stay organized

Fully integrated feature with other built-ins can help you streamline your F&B operations to give you an overall cost idea of preparing a particular item to set the right price for your products.

Control expenses

Track various kinds of detailed information about your inventory, quantity, usage rate, actual stock, and total sales. Track whether your money is being used optimally or not, so you can take the right steps to control your F&B operation costs to increase profitability with clear and complete information.

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