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Who we are?

We are system integrators who think through your business challenge and provide the best & optimal information technology solutions for your business growth that built smart, secure, and scalable.


Providing only the best quality of IT solution services.


To create and maintain an environment of highly skilled professionals focused on customer delight.

Business Values

We believe that the key to success in a business is not separated from strong values. These strong values and every code of ethics that we have is a manifestation of our consistency in providing the best services and including our guideline in every decision making for the common goods.

Our people are our main power (Employee)

We are aware that every good business concept will never be separated from its own employees. Our employees are our greatest and best asset. BIZINTEK has always been fully committed to providing the best opportunities for our employees to reach their optimal potential.

We always aim for wealth of knowledge, relationship, income & wisdom (Prosperity)

BIZINTEK will always committed to always sticking to social responsibilities and every aspect contained for the sake of mutual interest.

We always strive for advancement (Advancement)

BIZINTEK always prioritizes all its advantages as part of our commitment to always have a good and advanced impact to our market, this is certainly not separated from our greatest desire to always push beyond our existing limits and become a leader in Information Technology industry.

We always prioritize moral uprightness (Integrity)

Transparency and operating in accordance with the applicable code of ethics are our guidelines in conducting our business. Any action we take is part of our interest of justice and including our respect to all stakeholders.

We change for a better future hold (Change)

The future is our strongest foundation and focus since the very beginning, this can’t be separated from our great desire to be able to advance every aspect of life for the common goods in the future.

Business Principles

PT Business Intelligence Technologies or well-known as BIZINTEK, is a trusted IT Solutions in Indonesia and has been professionally active for approximately 15 years.

Our journey is inseparable from our adhered principles and has consistently have positive impacts in providing only the best quality services to our clients who has put their trust to BIZINTEK as their partner from various industries especially in the procurement of IT solution services:

1. We always comply with applicable laws and business ethics

2. We prioritize and care every diversity and will always build a clean and healthy organizational culture

3. We respect and establish good relationship with every stakeholder

4. We only focus on providing the best service quality

5. We are a responsible company that always adheres to social values

Business Intelligence Technologies



Rajan Natarajan

Rajan Natarajan adalah alumni Indian Institute of Technology dengan pengalaman 44 tahun dalam bidang servis Teknologi Informasi dan Telekomunikasi di berbagai negara, India, Indonesia, Australia, Iran, dan Malaysia selama perjalanan karir. Rajan telah banyak memberikan kontribusi atas pengadaan teknologi kepada negara-negara tersebut dengan membangun jaringan subsidiary dan penjual untuk para principal.


Anita Susanti

Memelihara dan mengontrol performa manajemen keuangan pada perusahaan secara keseluruhan, termasuk membangun dan mengontrol biaya-biaya pengeluaran dan mempersiapkan laporan keuangan. Anita Susanti bertanggung jawab untuk memastikan keadaan keuangan perusahaan mengalami keuntungan dan sehat secara keseharian operasionalnya. Sebagai sosok yang berpengalaman dan bereputasi baik sebagai Direktur Keuangan dan Administrasi, beliau mempunyai pengalaman yang baik pada industry

Jerry Peter Saerang

Jerry Peter Saerang started his career in Information Technology as a Desktop Developer, Web and Mobile developer. He had experience in developing Computer Application Systems in various industries and platforms (Desktop, Web and Mobile). As the Head of Technical Manager at PT. Business Intelligence Technologies (B.I.T), he is leading the solutions’ technical matters, like such Bespoke software development, implementing ERP SolutionHad been joined the IT Consultant company and helped several large companies and government to development and shipped their Integrated Information Systems. He has completed experiences in Enterprise Application system development process, starting from the Developer, System analyst and now as Software development / Technical manager. In more 20 years career in Information Technology, I have interact with a lot of professional person from various fields to develop and solve their challenge in Information Technologies. Jerry is always have tons of passion in Technology and desire to be able provide a solutions and problem solving to make impact and added values.

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