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ENTAHR is a superior product that has been professionally developed by PT Business Intelligence Technologies (BIZINTEK). ENTAHR allows business owner to manage and control human resources operations without having to allocate or eliminate too many resources or organizations, thus enabling companies to plan human resource costs more effectively, centrally, and easily accessible from anywhere. ENTAHR has complete features for any type of company from any industries including recruitment, career management, time management, payroll, leave, claims, loans, and many more.

The evolution of the combined product between ERP and CRM. A modular approach with the use of business applications while still allowing end-to-end coverage in one unified, integrated system, and eliminating the use of various application variants or other software in carrying out all company operational needs and covering all sales, customer service, operations, finance, marketing, service automation, projects, and many more.

Manage accounting, inventory, manufacturing, requirements, and other needs in a simplified way to generate all kinds of reports instantly and anytime. With Tally. ERP 9, business owner can easily manage various projects and departments without having to eliminate other policies, and with Tally. ERP 9, business owner can change the existing type of ‘peer-to-peer’ data access to ‘server-based’ data management. Tally Solutions supports all access to additional features that can help businesses with the advantages of data synchronization, remote access, products update, and many more.

Manage and implement online, mixed (offline & online), or offline learning activities. LMS able to provide a collaborative learning platform for companies and higher education institutions and can be used as an online-based content creation tool, assessment, and many more.

One of the superior products owned by PT Business Intelligence Technologies, developed from, by, and for Indonesia, UPEDA capable of adapting all kinds of educational needs for higher education institutions, with one of the advantages of conducting online supervision effectively & efficiently without having to eliminate human resources and minimized fraud committed by irresponsible parties.

Connect people and all business processes with one unified solution, so data can be shared quickly and easily with all stakeholders across the organization and get business metrics reports anytime, anywhere, and on any device, backed by all useful insights about customer behaviour, identification of existing opportunities, cross-selling & up-selling to increase effectiveness and efficiency in running the business.

Customized products by PT Business Intelligence Technologies (BIZINTEK) to provide high flexibility to implement various kinds of functionality for various business needs.

Provides all sorts of specialist solutions for specifically hospitality industry which have been used by more than 500 clients from across India & Asia Pacific. Cheerze has its own capability to integrate modules through various channels with some unique features such as reservation, reception, cashier, guest history, housekeeping, sales, booking engine, channel manager, conference management, and many more.

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