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Learning Management System

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Learning Management System

Presenting personalised Learning Management System (LMS) solution that can be used for stakeholders in various industries, especially Educational Institutions for students, teachers, management (Principals & Foundations), and parents in providing and enriching training and a modern packaged learning experience to create, manage, distribute, and regulate every delivery of learning process digitally yet still be able to provide an optimal and effective learning performance using innovative technology that has been designed in such a way.

Learning Management System (LMS) able to assist teacher in planning all kinds of online teaching and learning processes from end-to-end starting from planning syllabus, designing learning materials to be delivered, managing digital teaching, learning flows, including managing student attendance and evaluation. This software has been designed not only to provide convenience for teachers and all the management, but LMS is also able to provide its own advantages for students when accessing learning materials or content from anywhere and anytime according to the needs of each student, these advantages can increase effectiveness and efficiency in terms of remote and real-time teaching and learning process.

The uniqueness of the Learning Management System (LMS) certainly can’t be separated from its advantages and ease of implementation of this software, such as:


Register instructor and student
Student review and feedback
In-built platform
E-book marketplace
Document Management System
Fully Responsive (Mobile Friendly)
User-friendly design
Instructor Dashboard
Student Dashboard
Administrator Dashboard
Course creating wizard
Live stream class
Automated exam generator
User profile with preference setting

Main Features

Optimized Browser

Login will be monitored remotely through the browser that has been provided.

Online Verification

Accurate and real-time identity verification by the system.

Automatic Fraud Surveillance
Fraudulent acts controlled automatically by the system.

Real-time Streaming and Recording

Live, real-time streaming and recording.

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