Learning & Development

Teamie is a collaborative learning platform based on Cloud Computing technology for Companies, Higher Education Institutions, and Schools to help them manage and implement online, mixed or classroom-based learning activities. Teamie provides digital learning management software for content creation and online assessment, and provides a social collaboration environment designed for the learning environment. With its social learning apps and platforms, mobile analysis and apps, Teamie makes learning collaborative, interesting and accessible anytime anywhere.

Social Collaboration Platform

Teamie creates a beautifully structured and private, digital learning environment where trainees and teachers will be grouped and linked by mapping learning modules running at the institution, this grouping allows trainees and teachers to communicate, learn, deliver and perform tasks within the group’s circle, so that social interactions and teaching and learning processes can be well controlled and evaluated on the basis of these groups.

Learning Management Platform

Teamie has many features in the mechanism of creating and distributing learning content / digital materials, complete with support of various standard digital e-learning formats such as SCORM and IMS Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI). Teamie allows teachers to create many types of quizzes and exams in Teamie. Each quiz type is very flexible and can be automatically judged by the assessment engine from Teamie, this assessment process gives teachers flexibility on how to manage the scores and final scores of the trainees. With automated and automated scoring, Teamie’s assessment engine provides detailed feedback and analysis of the participants ‘achievement scores, training participants’ achievements, and also the drawbacks / weaknesses of the trainees. Everything is displayed in the form of interactive and dynamic reports.

Analysis and Notification

Teamie provides learning and social interaction platforms to provide a holistic view of participants’ learning performance. With gamification elements such as Points and Leaderboards, Teamie allows institutions to encourage participation and involvement of trainees within the Teamie LMS application environment. Teamie’s learning outcomes also provide information on the performance and achievements of trainees, provide information on which trainees experience obstacles in certain subject subjects, provide information on which trainees need extra attention and extra motivation in the learning process in Teamie. Both the teacher and the admin can make an announcement within Teamie and will be forwarded in the form of a notification to the mobile phone of the trainees


Course and Content creation

Assessment and auto grading

Rich grading and feedback tools

Direct Messaging

LMS Curriculum Management

Classroom based grouping

Lesson and Exam Bank

Wall-based interactions

Structured Social Media Network

Learner Profiles

Notification and Announcement




Engagement Statistics


Mobile apps

Cloud Application


Cloud Based application, using Amazon Web Service

Built on proven and popular Microsoft Stack Technology

Support various digital content as lessons

SCORM compliance

Can integrate with a lot of 3rd party LMS enhancer, such as: Webex, Lynda.com, turnitin, etc

Mobile Application available

Support Offline Learning