Managed Services

BIT offers a one-stop solution that perfectly matches to solve any of the human resources problems in your organization. Each service is tailor-made to meet your needs. As your satisfaction is our priority, we compromise nothing to deliver the best service for each of our clients.

Our services including but not limited to

Manpower Planning

Provide a comprehensive suggestion. From the number of resources, the candidate’s composition between local and expatriates until developing a sourcing plan.


Talent Recruitment

Providing a suitable talent to fulfill the vacant position in your organization. Running the whole process from candidates screening to candidates’ assessment.

Payroll Process

Ensure the salary paid on due date, taxes are deducted and paid to the government, provide salary break-up, BPJS deduction calculation for local and expatriate.


Employee Liaison

Provide employee replacement for candidates selected and on-boarded by us, if the candidates resign, renewal of the contract in advance for expatriate, complete the hiring formality.