Introducing Campus Management Solutions

After establishing our partnership with Campus Management International, BIT’s team got down to business. They first approached the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia. Then with their endorsement organized a seminar for a number of private universities in Indonesia to discuss the solution and its benefits to their institutions.

Hosted by BIT’s team for Campus Management, the Seminar was conducted for 30-50 people ranging from Rectors(DIKTI), to foundation leaders from the higher education sector in Indonesia. Among the participants were representatives from institutions like Universitas Kristen Indonesia, London School of Public Relations, and Universitas Pancasila.


The seminar, led by the technical lead from BIT’s team was aimed at explaining to the university leaders about the Campus Management’s solutions in detail, the components of each of the modules, and benefits that can be gained from them.



Campus Management has implemented successful and efficient solutions in prestigious campuses in other parts of the world, eliminating gaps in running of all of the above tasks. As its introduction into the Indonesian market, the seminar ended on a good note, with DIKTI recommending BIT’s Campus Management Solution as the sure safe method of achieving optimal operations.

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